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                                        INTELLIGENT, BUT TIRED MOMMIES                                                                                                                                                                             HAVE   YOU EVER HAD A NIGHTMARE WHERE A MONSTER OR ALIEN WAS DRAINING YOUR HEAD OF ALL YOUR INTELLECT AND YOUR BODY OF ALL IT'S ENERGY? YEAH, IT'S NOT A NIGHTMARE. THOSE MONSTERS.......ARE YOUR KIDS! GOTTA LOVE 'EM.(MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!)                                                                        

Have you looked in the mirror lately? I try not to for very long. When I do, I find myself wondering, "Where is that bright, intelligent, stylish, put-together, fun loving, energetic woman that I used to know so well?" SHE is in hiding. I don't know when she'll  decide to come out, but I have seen her peeking around the corner a few times lately. Why is it so difficult to be who we were, and who we have become? Mothers! Why can't we have the best of both "worlds"? I guess for the majority of us, we don't feel we have the time or the money(mostly the energy) to maintain who we were originally. So, we make a choice between the two. I'm  getting tired of being put into a box. Always being categorized. Unfortunately, we are all guilty of defining ourselves so narrowly, as well as other women. I think we are so wrapped up in our busy lives, that it becomes very easy to distance ourselves from one another and make snap judgments. When all is said and done, whether we are single mothers, married with children, grandmothers raising grandchildren, working or not working, putting off family for the end of the day, we're all women, and we're all tired! We're just taking different paths to get to the same destination. We all want the same things, Success, Happiness, and even some Peace. This external, and internal battle(really our insecurity) that we have over "working women" and "stay at home moms" needs to end. Neither is better, or smarter. We should be supporting one another! What an amazing club to be a part of! The club of WOMEN. What a powerful sorority! If nothing else, I hope this Blog allows a dialogue for all women to express their thoughts after an entire day of interaction and conversation with toddlers, disgruntled employees and/or customers, self-important bosses,  insensitive husbands and insane relatives. Lets talk everything, from potty training to politics. Why, you ask? Because we can.


long see...hello me

Posted by bethany on Friday, December 10, 2010 In : calgon....take me away! 
wow. its been a while, eh? once again, i forgot about me and went on a narrow path focusing on family. as usual, i put myself and my likes and desires on the back burner. ugh! well, my friend started a blog today, and it reminded me that not that long ago i was blogging myself! who? me? blog? you mean , i was doing something for myself? wow. how quickly we forget! LOL well, Christmas is here, and its been pretty calm compared to past holiday seasons. we're spending way less than we usually do...
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is there EVER any time for me?

Posted by bethany on Monday, November 16, 2009 In : things that make ya go hmm? 
lately i've been questioning whether or not it was a mistake creating this website. i can't seem to find the time to write on a regular basis. suggestions anyone? i wish life could slow down a little bit. just a little? i really miss my newest hobby of writing on this blog. for the people who frequent this page(im sure its just a handful at this point!), please know i am trying to keep it updated, otherwise whats the point? why spend money on a site that isn't being used? on this day i pledge...
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